Thursday, November 3, 2011

Painting with a Palette Knife

So I work in many mediums and with different techniques, but there is something particularly fun and challenging about oil painting with a palette knife. It feels at first akin to flower arranging while wearing boxing gloves - you think "How in the world am I going to control anything with this metal instrument!"... and then you do! You learn how to get smooth, hard, sharp or blended. Its a great change of pace, and frankly a great ego-boost when you finish with a work that's both crafted well yet full of spontaneity.  As I often say, the best part about art is that it's not neurosurgery, when you do it wrong no one dies. Palette knife painting is about taking risks. And about embracing the results that are somewhat a marriage of you and fate. With this latest painting I decided to get really cocky and see if I could paint the illusion of glass. The only instrument I used besides the palette knife was a paper towel for some effects here and there and to wipe away a few hiccups). I hope you enjoy it!
Hugs to my 'posse' of three blog followers! Yeah Art!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I've been a bit busy lately with commissions and teaching. It's amazing how the days fly! These past few weeks I've been putting aside my pastels and taking the oils back out. It's been so much fun to play with both oils and pastels in new ways. Speaking of which, I have enjoyed using a palette knife lately instead of a brush. My artwork this time is a change from what I've been posting, and I may include more of these as I get back into oils. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello There!
I hope you like the art that I've been putting up at Daily Paintworks. If you like what you see, and have a personal item you want me to make an artwork of just for you, just let me know! I recently painted my nieces' wedding bouquet and a friends favorite doll from when she was young - Great way to keep a memory with personal art.
Anyway, it's been a week filled with everything good and bad -
I see I have my first member follower - HI Sarah Jayne! How very cool to meet you!
I finished an oil figurative at my studio and a plein air landscape that I'm rather proud of. Keeping at it really does make you improve. The pastel "Cheeky Girl" is of a musical doll I've had for years, and am delighted to finally do a little portrait of her. "Organized Red and Green" was inspired simply by the whimsical goal to compose as much red into the work as I could, and I think the green triangular negative spaces are what balance all that round red.
On the sad side, my mom needed to go into the hospital. A little scare, a little care, a few new prescriptions, and she's back home. Also, a good friend, our high school-class prom queen, lost her health battle this week.

Remember to take your first-mornin-look-out-the-window, and first awake breath, with appreciation of the present, and thanks for what you have, and whatever is to come.

Favorite art quote of the week - "Value does all the work, Color gets all the credit" - Degas

Have a great week all,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thanks for stopping by.  Things are just getting started here! 

I've been painting paintings for 10 years now, most of that work has been in portraiture and figurative. The past few years I took a break so to take care of my parents. I even took my website down (bad choice). They are doing fine without me now, and I'm so excited to paint again. But this time 'round it's time to 'give myself a promotion' - which I think in art means 'adding new directions'.
Besides having new portraiture projects, I've opened a great new studio where I teach and host a weekly Co-op artist group. I've fallen in love with PanPastels and making daily painting works that are intimate and full of personality. I'm even developing an art product that I invented!

Art has suddenly become a real well-balanced playground.

A big part of the fun is my Daily Painting works:  Stuffed animals,  Fruit & Flowers really lend themselves to Pastel's soft and colorful nature. Butterflies are definitely in the future.

Please let me know what you think, sign up for the email updates, or send me a suggestion.  If you have any butterflies or orphaned stuffed animals (that you wouldn't mind parting with) that you think could be on canvas, please send them to me!

All my best,
Linda  :-)

p.s. My website is still not re-created, but come find me on Facebook!