Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thanks for stopping by.  Things are just getting started here! 

I've been painting paintings for 10 years now, most of that work has been in portraiture and figurative. The past few years I took a break so to take care of my parents. I even took my website down (bad choice). They are doing fine without me now, and I'm so excited to paint again. But this time 'round it's time to 'give myself a promotion' - which I think in art means 'adding new directions'.
Besides having new portraiture projects, I've opened a great new studio where I teach and host a weekly Co-op artist group. I've fallen in love with PanPastels and making daily painting works that are intimate and full of personality. I'm even developing an art product that I invented!

Art has suddenly become a real well-balanced playground.

A big part of the fun is my Daily Painting works:  Stuffed animals,  Fruit & Flowers really lend themselves to Pastel's soft and colorful nature. Butterflies are definitely in the future.

Please let me know what you think, sign up for the email updates, or send me a suggestion.  If you have any butterflies or orphaned stuffed animals (that you wouldn't mind parting with) that you think could be on canvas, please send them to me!

All my best,
Linda  :-)

p.s. My website is still not re-created, but come find me on Facebook!


  1. I love the painterly feel of this rabbit. Very nice work!

  2. Simply beautiful! I love your work!!!