Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello There!
I hope you like the art that I've been putting up at Daily Paintworks. If you like what you see, and have a personal item you want me to make an artwork of just for you, just let me know! I recently painted my nieces' wedding bouquet and a friends favorite doll from when she was young - Great way to keep a memory with personal art.
Anyway, it's been a week filled with everything good and bad -
I see I have my first member follower - HI Sarah Jayne! How very cool to meet you!
I finished an oil figurative at my studio and a plein air landscape that I'm rather proud of. Keeping at it really does make you improve. The pastel "Cheeky Girl" is of a musical doll I've had for years, and am delighted to finally do a little portrait of her. "Organized Red and Green" was inspired simply by the whimsical goal to compose as much red into the work as I could, and I think the green triangular negative spaces are what balance all that round red.
On the sad side, my mom needed to go into the hospital. A little scare, a little care, a few new prescriptions, and she's back home. Also, a good friend, our high school-class prom queen, lost her health battle this week.

Remember to take your first-mornin-look-out-the-window, and first awake breath, with appreciation of the present, and thanks for what you have, and whatever is to come.

Favorite art quote of the week - "Value does all the work, Color gets all the credit" - Degas

Have a great week all,

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  1. I checked out your work on Daily Paintworks and it is beautiful! I look forward to seeing your new paintings!